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Pizza Trail Passport Contest: FAQ (rev 6/17)

Q: Do I have to buy something?

A: Yes. A purchase will earn you the opportunity to get a space filled on your passport. Simply hand your passport to your server, and they will fill in that location’s secret passphrase 

Q: Do I have to visit the restaurant to get my passphrase filled in?

A: You can dine in or carry out to earn your passphrase. Unfortunately, this means food delivery services like Grubhub or Doordash will not allow an employee of the restaurant to stamp your passport.

Q: Do I have to be a resident of Pickaway County?

A: Not at all. Anyone is welcome to participate!

Q: What if my favorite pizza place isn’t listed?

A: We have a blank space on the Passport that will allow you to write in a location that we haven’t listed. We’ve even given you a FREE SPACE for that! You can only enter one pizzeria on the blank, so choose carefully.

Q: Can I get more than one “stamp” per visit? (for multiple family members)

A: We’re leaving that up to the discretion of each individual restaurant. However, each family member is required to have their own passport in order to obtain a vote in the Favorite Pizza Contest.

Q: Will there be a Pizza Challenge this summer?

A: The Pizza Passport will take the place of the Pizza Challenge. This allows more restaurants to take part, while at the same time encourages more people to get out and try new pizzerias.

Q: Are the t-shirts men’s or women’s sizes?

A: The shirts will be unisex.

Q: Is the Pizza Trail a discount program? Do I get a discount for showing my passport?

A: Not necessarily. Some restaurants are giving a discount or special in tandem with the Passport program, and some are not. This was left up to the discretion of the restaurant. Please be sure to show your passport to take advantage of potential offers at participating locations.

Q: Can an additional restaurant be added at this time?

A: The deadline for adding a restaurant to the Passport has passed, but if a restaurant wants to be added to the Pizza Trail, they can contact the Visitor’s Center to obtain a window cling. A designation as a stop on the Pizza Trail will continue on after this year’s Passport program for future promotional events.

Q: What’s the passphrase for fill-in-the-blank restaurant?

A: We can’t give that out. You can only get your passport filled in by a staff member of the restaurant    


Year Around Event (2021)